This was originally published 8.5.2009 as another piece of "Fiction in 10 Tweets" on Twitter. This one contains a zombie, but it's not in the same tradition of some of the earlier stories.

Shadow - ©2009 @Zombie_Frenzy @brttrx

The sympathetic crowd was gone, and she was alone. Joanna stood in the living room for a long while, her hip resting against the sofa.

For a moment she was a mannequin, unmoving, her broken heart vanished, the pain gone. Then reality drifted back. Her husband was dead.

Where was her son? She ducked out from under death's shadow and searched. Not in the kitchen. The game room was dark. She headed upstairs.

She found him laying on the floor of his room, still dressed in his suit. Crayons moved furiously over a piece of white paper.

Joanna walked to her son and kneeled beside him. She ignored the drawing and tousled his blond hair; it was the same color Tom's had been.

The boy colored a few moments more, then raised the paper. On it was a crudely drawn figure of a man. There were X's in place of his eyes.

"Look, Daddy's a zombie!" he said. Joanna gasped. Her hand moved to her mouth. Tears streamed out of her swollen eyes and down her cheeks.

The boy frowned. "What's wrong, mommy? Don't you like it?" She choked back the tears. She had to.

"Honey, I love it," she said, wiping her face. "You're a wonderful artist." She stroked his hair once more before walking to the door.

She spun in the doorway and looked back at her son- all that remained of Tom outside of memories. "Thomas, I know your dad would be proud."

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