Don't Make Her Angry

This scene comes just after the three members of the ZCA find themselves in the middle of a dangerous and uncomfortable situation with equipment that doesn't work. And since Alexis is involved in romantic-esque relationship with the boss who bought their company out, well, she's nonplussed. Rated mature for a naughty word or two and sexual inferences.


There is BANGING on the front door. Yates comes from the
hall into the foyer and opens it. Alexis bursts in, her
glasses on top of her head, her eyes on fire.

Madame, you can’t go in- 

Save it, Yams. Where is he? 

She stomps off down the hall.

Farther down, Epstein emerges from his office and sees

Alex, I knew you’d come. 

He takes a few steps but notices the determination in
Alexis’s walk and freezes.

Then she pulls out her pistol.

Know what this does, Mr. Hero? 


Nothing. It does nothing! 

She fires a dart into a "Pride and Prejudice" looking
painting on the wall. It sticks in the forehead of one of
the men.

She swings the gun around and points it at Epstein.

Maybe you don’t believe me. 

Alexis is breathing heavy. Her shoulders rise and fall. Her
nostrils flare. She doesn’t see Yates approaching from
behind her. Epstein nods. Yates raises a hand and chops
Alexis on the back of the neck. Her eyes roll back and she
collapses. Epstein catches her before she hits the floor. He
looks up to Yates, who is smiling proudly.

Let’s get her in my office. 


Alexis rouses and her vision is fuzzy. She can’t make out
where she is. She blinks once, twice. She pushes herself up
off the couch she’s laying on and the pain hits her. She
touches the back of her neck with a hand and tries to

The haze clears, and she sees Epstein sitting behind his
desk, flipping through a stack of papers.

She starts to remember.


Epstein looks up, sees her and gives a weak smile.

Alex, you’re awake. 

Alexis sits up and holds the back of her neck.

You knocked me out. 

Yates took care of that. I wish he
hadn’t, but... you were pretty
upset. You were going to shoot me. 

I was upset. Am upset.
(standing up)
How could you send us out there
like that? 

Why don’t you sit down. 

I’ll make my own decisions. You buy
us out. Fine. New office is
wonderful, but outside the Safe
Zone? Fine. I freaking SLEEP with
you and right now, that seems less
than fine. You took our patents,
Epstein Clooney, and that was fine
until you decided to coop us up for
days without letting us do what it
is we do- save people- while your
crack crew of scientists fucks up
every formula Abe ever came up
with. And then you send us out with
faulty equipment into the middle of
the damned horde. 

I’m not sure what... 

Alexis stomps on the floor, stopping his words.

I’m not finished. 

She closes her eyes for a second to fight off the dizziness.

Abe tested the tranq darts when we
got back, after we almost had our
heads chewed off. And one of your
vans is in need of major repairs, by
the way. Blood, guts, bullet holes. 

Epstein raises his eyebrows.

Yeah. But the tranq darts. Sugar
water. They were filled with sugar
water. Effective on the zombies
with a sweet tooth, which includes,
oh, none of them! 

I don’t know what to say. 

HERE’S what you say. You say, I’m
sorry, Alex. I’m sorry you and your
partners, your FRIENDS, almost died
Alex. To make it up to you, Alex,
as soon as you leave here I’ll get
the supplies back to Abe so you can
make your own tranqs and dotes and
you can go back to doing what it is
you do. And I understand, oh Alex,
that I will do every God damned one
of these things exactly as I
said if I ever hope to even
approach the minuscule possibility
of sleeping with you again. 

Alexis turns away and storms toward the office door. She
stops and turns. She sees her guns laying on the front of
Epstein’s desk and charges back. She picks them up and leans
in real close to Epstein, so they are face-to-face. His eyes
are wide.

And if William Butler Yeats ever
gets within ten feet of me again, I
will rearrange his face. And shoot

Alexis storms out. Epstein watches her leave and once she’s
gone he exhales. He walks around behind his desk and picks
up a walkie talkie.

Yates. She’s coming out.
I wouldn’t let her see you.

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