A Ticket and a Tummy Ache

Here's another excerpt from the Script Frenzy screenplay I'm working on. Got up to twenty-one pages today after falling behind. Hope to get a few more down before the witching hour.

This is an excerpt that is actually from something I wrote a few days ago. It kind of stumped me for a while after writing it, because it was forcing me to work out the timing of the outbreak with the appearance of my heroes/main characters. And yes, "Hero" is just a placeholder last name. Pardon our progress!


JACK HERO enters the police station. He's 33, short-cropped brown hair, fit, and wearing a couple days worth of stubble. He's sweating a little bit. He's holding a piece of paper in his hand- a ticket- and whirling around like he's lost.

There are less people in here than what we saw earlier in the day.

A uniformed deputy brushes by Jack.

Excuse me, sir?

The officer ignores him and exits the station.

A receptionist sees Jack looking helpless. This is SHELLY,
mid-40s, too much makeup, wide hips. She raises her arm to
get his attention.

Something I can help you with, hon?

Jack whirls until he sees the receptionist and walks over to
her desk.

Yes, hi. My truck was towed. I’m
staying out at the Fork Road Inn,
and I apparently parked in a
handicap spot. The lines weren’t
painted and the sign was

They slipped that under the door to
your room?

Yeah. I was out all day, bike riding.
I guess I just stepped over it when
I left this morning. It was still dark
out. I didn’t even notice my truck
was gone.

You're supposed to go to the towing
company on that slip there and pay
the charge. It’s just across the

Right, but the guy must have been
at dinner or something. No one’s
there. Booth is empty and the lot’s
all locked up. And I’m not even
sure I should have to pay this.

(leans forward)
You from around her, hon?

Nah. Just here to ride and hike. My
wife calls it my decompression.

Just pay the hundred dollars,
sweetheart. Dave only takes cash or
a money order. You can get that at
the post office but you’ll have to
wait until morning. You don’t want
to waste your time filing a
complaint. You can appeal for a
reimbursement later by mail.

I’ve got the cash, but no one’s over

Shouldn’t be too long. Dave keeps a
kid over there until midnight, most
of the time. Probably just out.
You’re welcome to wait right here
for a bit if you want. Coffee pot’s
over there.

Jack turns to look and the front door to the station opens
up. A doctor rushes in, a black briefcase in hand. This is
DR. JIM TRAVIS, 50s, no gray in his hair, but it might be a

Where they need me, Shelly?

(to the doctor)
Holding cell, Dr. Travis. Rash gave
the guy a nasty fever.

The doctor nods a thank you and moves quickly to a door.
Shelly hits a button on the wall by her desk and the
red light over the door turns green. The doctor enters and

Something wrong?

Nothing for you to worry about,
hon. Some guy up on a murder charge
has a tummy ache.

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