Open for Business

This was originally published 19.4.2009 as another piece of "Fiction in 10 Tweets" on Twitter. A little more light-hearted and fun than my first three efforts.

Open for Business - ©2009 @Zombie_Frenzy @brttrx

2067 A.D. - Ten years have passed since the Frenzy virus spread rapidly across the globe, turning most humans into cannibalistic carriers.

That's where we find Alexis and Charles, two 20-somethings who spend their nights hunting the undead. Not to eliminate, but to revive.

You see, our heroes have gone private, forming a meaningful company serving a worthy cause. Alex and Chuck: the Zombie Collection Agency.

It's a Living- the hokey catchphrase is plastered all over the walls of their office. On this night, Charles raps on Alexis's door.

"You about ready?" He checks his watch- yes, time is still relevant post apocalypse- and waits. Then the door swings wide, and there she is.

Alexis, a pretty blond, struts out looking fabulous. She wears a shiny red cloak, tight pleather pants and sunglasses. "Let's do this."

She saunters off past her partner and heads out the door. Charles doffs his ten-gallon hat and follows. The spurs on his boots jingle.

"What's on the menu, Chuckster?" Alexis pulls dual pistols from under her cloak, each loaded with darts containing the antidote to undeath.

"Wife wants her husband back," he says, pausing to spit tobacco. "Says she saw him wandering on 33rd. Quick and easy, home by midnight."

Alexis smirks. "Bet you a round we're done by ten." She taps the barrels of her pistols together and spins. "Catch 'em before they rot."


  1. I am very uncomfortable with the use of the word "saunters" in this work. Very uncomfortable.

  2. Dude, kudos... this sounds awesome