Running to Stand Still

Note: I tend to write out of order- way out of order- especially when I'm flying by the seat of my pants. The script snippets here are more to entice than to chronologically entertain. The scene below is the latter portion of a sequence I wrote that will play out to the soundtrack of U2's "Running to Stand Still." It's a bit of an unconventional read with the lyrics thrown in as a guide.



By the time the second chorus is over, current Zoe is
through the back door and running down an alley, the pouring
rain soaking her, rifle in hand. "She runs through the
streets, with her eyes painted red, under black belly of
cloud in the rain."

She stops when she sees five zombies at the end of the
alley. They don’t see her. She starts to back up but her
crowbar slips and CLANGS on the ground, and the sound alerts
them of her presence.

No, no, no!

She grabs the crowbar and runs in the opposite direction.
She heads toward the back door of a jewelry store. She pries
the door open and immediately a zombie woman wearing pearls
lurches at her from inside. "In through a doorway she brings
me, white gold and pearls stolen from the sea." Zoe shoots
her, then thinks better of going in and turns tail to run
away down the alley.

"She is raging, she is raging." Zoe runs, spins. Zombies
come at her at every turn, scaring her but not close enough
to get her.

"And the storm blows up in her eyes." Tears roll down her
face now as she runs. She shivers. We pull back to watch her
tear through the streets at top speed, and as we zoom out we
see a dozen or so zombies moving slowly in her direction,
like a converging half circle.

"She is running to stand still."


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  1. How can she run to stand still? And her eyes blow up? I am raging for more metaphors! Yay!